What Companies Are in the Finance Field?

When we usually talk about Finance Sectors then a lot of people think about investing and stock marketing. But there are many other service sectors available in these fields like banking, insurance, investing, management of assets, client services, and tax management. all these come in this sector.

These financial companies played a major role in the economy of various countries. In the United States, people want to join these companies at any cost because these companies provide them with remarkable experience that leads them to do big in their own careers. Job opportunities from all these financial companies come out from time to time and having knowledge about these fields companies can help you to step into your career.

Companies Finance Field

Name of companies in Financial Services

There are various types of companies included in this financial sector like banking, lenders, investment companies, insurance companies, real estate companies, Tax and accounting firms, Credit card companies, Money management, Brokers, Payment Processing companies, Fintech Companies, and many others. All these companies have huge names in the field of fiancé at a global level and provide their services at a global scale. Some major names of companies in the United States are following.

American Express

American Express (AXP) is one of the oldest and most reliable American Finance firms that started its services in 1850 and its headquarters is located in New York. The Market Capitalization of this company is 118.9 Billion USD. The CEO of this company is Stephen Squeri. It provides various services to its clients.

Edward Jones

This company started its services in 1922 in the United States and now it has a huge name in this field and provides various services in this field. The headquarters of this company is located in Missouri. The employees of this company consist of more than 10,000 employees.

Wells Fargo

This fiancé company was published in 1852 and the headquarters of this company is in California. The CEO of this company is Charles Scharf. This company provides various services in this field. The market Capitalization of this company is more than 169.32 billion USD.

Charles Schwab

This financial company started its services in 1975,  and now streaming on the top fiancé company in the United States the total assets of this company are more than 138.4 billion USD.

Many other companies by doing a job in these like to be a step in your bright career.

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