United States Department of Treasury (USDT)

The Department of Treasury (USDT) is a treasure management department of the U.S. government that
controls the finances and treasure of the United States. This department is also well-known as the
Department of Treasure (DoT). This provides its services as an executive department. Two departments
are responsible for the printing of money in America which is the U.S. Mint and Bureau of Engraving and
Printing. This department is one of the oldest American Department of Treasurers that was founded on
2 September 1789 about 235 years ago by the members of Congress. The main purpose of this
department is to collect all the tax, Duties, and money and then use them for the well-being of the
United States.

United States Department of Treasure (USDT) collected all the taxes from the Federal and States of
America and then used these treasures for various projects to develop its economy. Security is the only
controller of this treasure. The two most important departments in this field are Department Operating
Bureaus, these departments perform all the duties that were assigned to them and collect tax and also
be subdivided into various other departments. The other one is Department Officers, who are
responsible for the making of plans and policies and then applying them to the state for its

United States Department of Treasury

United States Department of Treasury


In 1789, to manage the government revenues congress founded this department to take control over
the revenue of states and manage them for the benefit of the State. This department of Treasury only
belongs to the president of the United States and he has all the access to it. This department is
Administered By the Secretary of United States. The selection of the Secretary is done by the members
of the cabinet of the president. The current Secretary of Treasure is Janet Yellen and he came on this
seat in 2021.

Duties that were performed by the United States Department of Treasury (USDT)

Department of Treasury (DoT) performs various compulsory functions which are the following:
● Manage all the Fianacial exprenses
● Supervise all the National Banks and institutes in the United States.
● Managing the Public Statistical report
● Collects Taxes, financial conditions, and various duties
● Handle all U.S government and public debts
● Production and publishing of Physical coins, bills, and stamps.
● Manage all the federal fiancé
● Investigating Tax evaders
● Advising on international and domestic financial policies.

Many other functions are also performed by this department of the Treasury.

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