Huntington National Bank Review

Huntington Bank is a multinational bank holding company of America and a successful banking system and came on the 520th rank of Fortune 500. This banking company is included in the successful banking system of the United States and on the 26th rank in the U.S.

The headquarters of Huntingdon Bank is located in Columbus, Ohio. Its parent company is P.W. Huntington & Company and provides various online services to its clients like management of assets, insurance, loans, and many others. According to a report in 2022, this banking system is working in many major states of the United States and has 1053 branches that are spread across the entire country. It manage more than $174 billion and ranked 26th in the United States. The total employees of this company are 25,693 with more than 6,000 ATMs. Stephen D. Steinour is the current CEO of this Bank.

Huntington National Bank


In 1866, Huntington National Bank was established by P.W. Huntington in a building located in U.S. Bancorp. In 1878, the first five stories of that building were the setup plan of that bank. P. W. Huntington was the CEO of that company and died in 1918. This bank is now working in more than 15 states of America and has many branches. This company is now a tycoon in America and manages about 10.3 % of the total assets of America. After the death of the owner, this company came into the hands of his son. His first son, Francis became the next chairman and took charge of this company. This banking system has invested more than $97 million and works in finance.


How is the owner of Huntington Bank?

This banking system is owned by the P. W. Huntington family and this is ranked on the top banking list of America. This is a large Stockholder company and manages more than $217.4 billion of assets.

Does Huntington Bank use Zelle?

On the official app of Huntington Bank system, there is an option of Zelle that you can use freely for up upto a limited amount. To enjoy all its services, you must create an account on its app and then you can easily access all its services.

Is Huntington Bank open today?

Huntington Bank is open business days from Monday to Friday but some of its branches in various states also work even on Saturday while Sunday is a complete holiday for all employees.

What is the time schedule of Huntingdon?

This bank is usually on business hours from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is usually closed from Saturday to Sunday.

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