Adoption of web 3 gaming is moving towards Asia, and the rest of the world may have to play ketchup

CUltury is often encouraged with entertainment. The kind of books, music, film or art you you use to do with the language you speak, the values ​​of your family and friends, and where you live more than anything Economics have a lot of relation.

You can argue that when it comes to gaming, those priorities are even stronger, as it offers a level of interaction that engages you more than other forms of entertainment.

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Therefore, it is understood that cultural differences between Asia and the Western world are affecting how the Web 3 gaming market is developing. According to Rabbi Ferguson, an unmarried president and co-founder of the Web 3 gaming company, gaming companies in Asia are on the front lines of the Web 3 gaming development, which has caused many popular sports in Web 3 gaming and current popular sports. Strong gender is fit. Asia, which is already highly driven by storage.

[Asian gaming developers] started mobile gaming. They were on the arrival of a free-to-play and that means they really say Say, ‘This is a way and a way to stay in the front. He added that the popularity of collective people in the current mainstream titles in the region will align well with NFTS in Web 3 Games.

And these days about this gender these days the crypto industry is causing the development of this niche.

Ferguson said This is a bit distributed. Asia has a lot of tailwinds, but Western countries are not so anxious to dive into it.

Ferguson and his company have made a large bet on the crypto gaming market. Offers a platform for the construction and scaling of Ethereum -based web 3 games through an unbearable platform its properly designated subsidiary, and the company web through another arm called Innovative Games 3 games produce and publish it. This platform has also attracted game stops, ticktock, avoid, and NFT Market Place Openia, such as Game Stop, Tactok, Alvoim, and NFT Market Place Openia.

In March 2022, the non-existent raised $ 200 million at a price of $ 2.5 billion, and last June launched a $ 500 million developer and the Venture Investment Fund.

They can be good. In late July, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishdea said at a Web X conference in Tokyo that  Web 3 is part of a new capital format.  Although he was not particularly talking about Web 3 gaming, But in 2022, Kishida said his government would promote and invest in Web 3 services like NFTS and Metawares.

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